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GCFO Blog 20: Food Debates That Will Ignite 2020

The Food Debates To Ignite in 2020

  We’ve all heard the pineapple on pizza debate... (an absolute yes from us). Now, get ready for our food debate predictions of 2020.  

Garlic - The limit does not exist.

Less of a debate, however, we predict 2020 is the year garlic gets the attention it deserves. We’re talking garlic on sandwiches, sushi, chocolate and ice cream. There’s no food that garlic doesn’t belong in. We’re just waiting on some of our favourite chocolate brands to get on board - give the people what they want. 

The best way to enjoy potato (according to us)

Probably the most versatile vegetable, humans have enjoyed the humble potato in numerous different ways. We’ve done our primary research (and it was delicious) and ranked from best to last. Agree? Disagree? Chips, Wedges, Hash browns, Mashed potato, Potato chips, Roasted potato, Baked potato.  

Are spiders going to make a comeback in 2020?

Somehow, one of the most delectable treats from the noughties has disappeared into the abyss. The question is, is 2020 its year of the spider resurrection? We think yes. Ice cream and soft drink? Two of the best snacks and even better in combination. Our vote is certainly on the comeback of the decade. 

The public will be divided over seeds and pulp lovers

Seeds and pulps? It’s a no from us. If we wanted chunks in our orange juice or teeth-breaking seeds in our yoghurts we would have asked… So if you’re a pulp lover or you dig through your yoghurt in the hopes of finding those nasty seeds, we would love to hear your rebuttal on this topic. 

How well should cookies and brownies be baked?

The divisive debate is predicted to continue. Should brownies and cookies be undercooked and turn out gooey and soft or baked to instructions and turn out hard and crunchy? We’re calling for a recall on all brownie and cookie packets. Please lessen bake time so we can all actually enjoy our brownies and cookies the way we’re supposed to (gooey and soft). Thank you. 

How far will the Avocado craze go?

Millennials have sure copped some scrutiny for their love of the humble smashed avo. Their argument? The stuff is worth every dollar of their future mortgages. But how far will this avocado love craze go? Recently, we’ve seen avocado chocolate cake recipes, avocado on pizza and even avocado margaritas... We’re just wondering which invention will cross the line if there even is a line… Avocado ice cream? Or maybe an avocado soft drink will finally end the fad with young people and avos.  

There’s a few debates we’re predicting for 2020 around the Italian specialty; pizza.

Do nuts belong on pizza? Not long ago, we decided to test pizza from a ‘gourmet’ pizza shop. When ordering the pistachio pizza, we were slightly sceptical but thought “hey if it’s gourmet it has to be good, right?” Little did we know we were about to waste $25. Our opinion on the matter - pine nuts and cashews may belong on a pizza but absolutely not pistachios... 

When eating pizza are you a folder or a flat eater?

According to our primary research at the gourmet pizza store, we found an equal divide in the method of eating a slice of pizza. Half the group were folders while half were flat eaters. So our question is… How is the right way to eat pizza? Perhaps we should consult the experts. 

Last but not least. Which is the right way to stack a taco?

Is it a taco shell, mince, cheese, salad or taco shell, cheese, mince, salad? This one is a hard one. On the one hand, we believe mince goes on the taco first as this is what the ads show. However, layering the cheese first makes it melt faster between the warm taco and hot mince. It’s a dividing debate but in the words of the Old El Paso girl, ‘Porque no los dos?’   These are our predictions for food debates that will ignite in 2020. If you now all of a sudden feel hungry, pop into your local GCFO store and one of our friendly staff will help you out - even if you’re a nutter that puts your tomato sauce in the cupboard.


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