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GCFO Blog 30: 5 Ways to Save Money and Cut Costs at Christmas

Christmas is an exciting time of year. Food, family time and the spirit of giving makes December an extra special month for all of us.

Admittedly, 2020 travel restrictions might mean your usual soiree will look a little different this year — and that’s ok!  Whether you’re able to host a big function with lots of relatives, or if some of the crew have to video call in this year — there are a whole lot of ways to enjoy festivities (without breaking the budget!). It’s been a tough year for many people so we have put together this list of easy steps you can take to keep costs under control, while still having a wonderful time.    

1. Set a budget

The first step to keeping costs in check is to set a realistic budget. Start with meal planning. Consider who you will be hosting this Christmas, and what they will be eating.   Any dietaries should be taken into account early. Do you have gluten-free or vegetarian friends? Remember to consider these costs. Once you have your food plan sorted, it’s time to start shopping. It’s never too early to hit the grocery store. Harder to find items (tofurky anyone!?) can be purchased more cheaply outside of peak December shopping time. If you shop early, you’re also more likely to find discounts, specials or coupons that can help to keep costs down.  

2. Bring a thing!

Christmas is about sharing, so don’t be afraid to ask your guests to contribute something. Do you have an avid baker in the family? They can provide biscuits or treats. Know a health nut? Ask them to provide the salad or veggies! Not only will this help distribute costs, but you will also end up with a much more unique spread.     

3. Secret Santa

Rather than buying a gift for every family member, why not set up a Secret Santa with a modest price limit? This way no one misses out on a gift, and no one feels the need to overspend. After all, Christmas is about a lot more than presents, it’s about time spent with family.   

4. Handmade T

his one goes hand in hand with our Secret Santa suggestion. Why not challenge your family to a handmade Christmas? You never know which of your guests is secretly hiding a crafty skill! Not only are handmade presents cheaper, in many respects they are more heartfelt, as it takes time, thought and effort to create something from scratch. When sharing your handmade items, you’re much more likely to learn something about the gift-giver as they share the story of how they created their item.    

5. Shop Early

Yes — we already mentioned that one, but we’re repeating it because it’s important! Keep an eye out for sales and discounts all year long to avoid Christmas mark-ups. Did you notice Halloween lollies go on sale after October? Why not pick up some as cheaper stocking stuffers for the kids. Being mindful early can help keep the budget in check.    

Any tips that we missed? Share with us on Facebook.

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