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GCFO Blog 36: 10 Food Hacks That Will Save You Time And Money

After the success of our last kitchen hack blog, we knew we had to share some more and there are A LOT more (thanks internet!) So step up your kitchen game with these genius hacks that you’ll wish you knew sooner! Not only will they save you money (no more food wastage), they’ll also save you A LOT of time in the kitchen, which we know is music to the ears of those juggling kids on one hand and family commitments on the other!

How to check the freshness of eggs

Nope, your nose just won’t do! Instead of smelling eggs, a better indicator of their freshness is placing uncooked eggs in a bowl of cold water, if an egg sinks to the bottom it’s A-OK. If it floats, it has seen better days.

How to avoid a cling wrap disaster

Hate when the cling wrap gets annoyingly too clingy?! Store the roll in the fridge as chilling the wrap temporarily reduces its stickiness.

How to prevent brown sugar from hardening

What’s with brown sugar always going so hard?! The trick of the trade to avoid this next time you’re baking is to toss a piece of orange peel or slice of apple into the airtight container of sugar. Or, if you don’t have the luxury of time; microwave the sugar next to a glass of water and voila! 

How to stop fruit from browning

Want to know what the professionals do? Mix 1 part honey to 2 parts water over the pieces of fruit as honey slows down the oxidation process which causes discolouration.

How to keep potatoes white

Cover shredded or diced potatoes with cold water before cooking to prevent the spuds from turning brown, which is caused by the release of starch that makes them oxidize.

How to separate yolks from whites

Crack an egg into a bowl, then invert an empty water bottle above the yolk, squeezing in the sides of the bottle. As the mouth of the bottle makes contact with the yolk, release the pressure on the bottle. The change in air pressure sucks the yolk directly into the bottle, leaving the white behind.

How to peel a ginger

No need to use a peeler. Ginger root skin is actually quite delicate and can be scraped off with a teaspoon.

How to cut (soft) cheese with ease

Slice soft cheeses such as brie and goat cheese with unflavored dental floss to avoid squishing them. This trick also works for cake, cheesecake, and cookie dough logs!  

How to peel citrus fruits without the mess

To avoid the mess and frustration that comes with eating your favourite citrus fruit, microwave it for a minute for easy peeling (just be careful to not burn yourself!).

How to skim the fat

Spoon out excess fat from stocks, stews, and sauces by skimming a few ice cubes (wrapped in a paper towel or cheesecloth) along the surface of the liquid. The ice helps the fat solidify, making it easier to remove with a spoon.

Do you have any other handy kitchen hacks? We’d love to know about them next time you visit our Morayfield or Capalaba stores!


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