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GCFO Blog 6: Create the Ultimate Kids Party Bag

One of the best parts of a kid’s birthday party is the bit at the end, where you get to take home a lolly bag full of sugary treats and trinkets. It’s also a great hint hint for guests that party time is over. But when it’s your turn to throw the party and create the bags, what exactly do you fill them with, how much, and where do you get it all from? It would be remiss of us not to mention you can get the sugared goods at Golden Circle Factory Outlet, of course. Save money and fill the bags with the kind of favourites that will make your child the talk of the class.

Theme it

Everyone loves a theme! You may already even have a theme with the party. Unicorns, superheroes, Disney princesses and dinosaurs are all the rage in 2019 (though let’s face it – what kid doesn’t love a dinosaur?)Grab yourself a pack of paper party bags, and some filling; to a child, a good party bag is all about the volume. Balloons, tissue paper or cellophane will help, and if you match the colour to your bags, you’re halfway there. Plus they like the hide and seek aspect of searching for the lollies amidst the paper. Another option is to opt for plastic bags or little boxes, where the filling could be something edible like popcorn.

The good stuff, i.e. lollies

When it comes to name brands, kids know the difference. And here’s where GCFO is king; pop down and grab a few bags of mixed lollies, Nestle or Cadbury mini-bars, M&Ms or whatever we have on special that month – with our low prices, you can afford to splurge. Bonus points for including Chupa Chups or packets of Nerds – they’re a firm favourite! Split them up evenly between the bags – if there are any siblings at the party, or just kids going home together, they’ll count and they’ll know. And try to have a nice mix of chocolate vs candy. 

Trinkets and toys

Go traditional or think outside the box with this one. Bubbles are a must; they’re cheap and eternally popular with kids of all ages. For a princess party, think little flower hair clips, luaus, cute pencils, rainbow soap or lip balms. Dinosaur or superhero lovers will enjoy those tiny wind-up toys, crayons, mini play-doh jars, stickers and note pads. 

Final tips

Buy in bulk and keep it simple. Kids will appreciate a lolly bag simply for its lollies, so don’t go overboard with spending - it’s for the children, not the parents, after all. Add name tags on the bags prior to the party – personalising them makes it that little bit more special. And when you’re making the bags, make one for yourself too. You’ve earned it! Visit for details on your closest store for your lolly bag needs.  

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