Golden Circle Factory Outlet Capalaba and Morayfield - GCFO Blog 13: Step by step guide to cleaning out your fridge.

GCFO Blog 13: Step by step guide to cleaning out your fridge.

Clean out your refrigerator day (November 15)

What better way to spend your Friday than a good clean out of the fridge? (Gas mask and safety suit optional). On Friday 15th November we celebrate National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. We’ve gathered some info on the origin of this significant day, the importance of cleaning out your fridge and how to get down and clean in less than 30 mins!

How Did The Day Start?

Cleaning the fridge is a task often left neglected. As our lives get busier day by day we run out of time for these exhilarating jobs. However, as generation after generation passed down the sacred day, there are many rumours about its origin.

We dug through the archives and found the most convincing… Sources say National Clean out your Refrigerator day was created by Whirlpool Appliances in 1999. It is even said the company started a free hotline for cleaning tips! This is unfortunately just a rumour, and it is possible we will never learn the true origins of this monumental day. #sadface 

How to Clean Your Fridge in 30 Minutes (Or less)

Now history class is over, onto the practical…

We’ve put together a quick step-by-step plan for your fridge clean so you can get back to living your best life.

1. Empty the fridge (pretty straightforward) While you’re at it, sort the items into ‘still good’ and ‘definitely nots’ piles.

Quick hint: as you go, wipe down your jars and bottles so you’re not putting nasties back in the fridge and ruining all your hard work.

2. Remove shelves and drawers Pull apart your shelves and drawers so you can get into all those nooks and crannies.

3. Soak shelves and draws in soapy, warm water. Give them a good scrub, wipe with lemon- scented cleaning products and set them aside to dry. Use antibacterial products to wipe down the fridge insides

4. Use antibacterial cleaning products and wipe down the entirety of the fridge.

Quick hint: Feel free to ask our friendly Golden Circle Factory Outlet staff for their cleaning product recommendations!

5. Restock your clean fridge with the essentials. Just a quick trip to Golden Circle Factory Outlet and hallelujah you’re done! 

Why is it Important to Clean Your Fridge?

In all seriousness, a good fridge clean is important. Stocking so many different food products in the one place can lead to nasties forming and spreading quickly and therefore affecting your family’s health. Always read the use by date and don’t disregard any of those funky smells (it definitely means something is not right...)

Now. Get the kids to work!


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