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GCFO Blog 19: Back to School Lunch Box Ideas

Back to School Snacks

Finally! Time to send the little rascals back to school. As exciting as it is, we can’t forget to feed the little ones. Trust us, we know how difficult it can be to keep the kids happy when it comes to packed lunches. You’ll think you’ve prepared a gourmet five-star lunch and then your kid brings it home untouched because they bought tuckshop instead. But not to worry, we’ve got some ideas to keep you and your kids happy with delicious, yet healthy, lunch box ideas and after school snack ideas at super affordable prices.

Easy lunch box Ideas

Trying to find the right balance of yumminess and healthiness is the difficult part of packing a lunch box. You want your kids to actually eat the lunch you’ve made, but you also don’t want them to start a bad habit of living off high-sugar products.  

First of all, you should concentrate on one of the main nutritional components of the lunchbox. This is normally a sandwich, however, I’m sure we can be a bit more creative.

Grab some eggs and create a few different mini quiches. You can make mini quiche lorraines, semi-dried tomato and basil and zucchini, parmesan and garlic. Hey presto! Your kids will be spoilt for choice and you’ll be happy knowing they are enjoying a delicious and nutritious lunch.  

Kids love snacks so fill up the rest of their lunch boxes with plenty of little treats to tuck into. GCFO has heaps of options, from pringles to pretzels to popcorn, dried fruit as well as Arnott’s mini cakes. These lunch box fillers will be sure to keep the little ones happy.  

Easy After-School Snacks

We all know kids suffer from three-thirty-itis, so you’re going to want to have a selection of snacks at home to save you from chaos. We know kids run around a lot at school, so sometimes it’s okay to replenish their sugars when they arrive home.

For hot afternoons, always have some Zooper Doopers ready in the freezer. They are super cheap and we’ve never met a kid that doesn’t love them.  

If you’ve got some time to bake before the kids get home, we’ve got a couple of ideas we know you and the kids will enjoy. First of all, cornflake biscuits. Probably one of the easier snacks to make and with the least ingredients. Swing past your local GCFO to pick up the main ingredient for a very affordable price.  

If you’re planning on slipping some fruit into the after school snack equation, we’ve also got you covered. You can grab some canned peaches from GCFO and make your very own peach cobbler.

Yummo! With snacks like this your kids are sure to be impressed.  

Ready. Set. Snack!

Now you have a few meals sorted, the kids going back to school won’t seem quite as stressful as you thought! So pop in today and ask our friendly staff for some more lunch box and snack suggestions and you’ll be sure to leave happy.  

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