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GCFO Blog 3: Hosting the perfect Football BBQ!

NRL, AFL, Rugby, EPL – whatever your code of choice, there’s nothing that unites a team of famished friends more than the snacks, meats and drinks you’re putting up; it also makes the win that much sweeter (let’s not talk about the losses). Here’s how to host the perfect football barbecue for your mates.

Pre-game warm-up 

Snacks – it’s all about the snacks, and we’re kings at feeding a crowd (modest, aren’t we?) Mexican-style spreads always go down a treat - think a platter of corn chips and tubs of chunky salsa or opt for classic sausage rolls and dipping sauces. 

Bowls of nuts on coffee tables in both salt and vinegar and naturally salted flavours, will win over the vegetarians, or pair wedges of fresh cheeses and dips with a selection of rice and wafer crackers. And potato chips – lots of potato chips.

Almost as important as the food, are the drinks. A note to hosts - don’t skimp. People will likely bring some of their own, or you could stipulate a BYOE (bring your own esky) situation, but you’ll still need to offer a medley. For the fans that don’t like beer (and you know there’ll be at least one), as well as any kids running around, juice and soft drinks are crowd pleasers.  If you don’t have a designated drinks fridge outside or in your entertaining area, use a couple of cooler boxes for easy access or have a go at the ol’ ice-bath trick – it works a treat.

And while the guests graze and mingle you’ll be grilling and barbecuing, so grab a friend and a drink and get prepared for:

Game time

Or specifically, that 15 minutes just before game time. No-one wants to miss the kick-off, so lunch needs to be ready just before it begins. Here’s hoping that Autumn weather is cool and clear, because the barbecue will get a workout. Simplicity is key; burgers, sausages and a few steaks will always go down well, while vegetarians will appreciate grilled cobs of corn, salads, prepared in advance, or even a chili con carne with leftover corn chips and rice – you could make the chili in a slow cooker the night before. As always, have plenty of bread rolls on hand and assorted condiments – drop in store to check out our range. And remember, folks will want to eat in front of the TV, so a stack of paper plates are a necessity.  

Half time 

Do a quick clean up and restock the bathtub and cooler boxes. Is the game going well? Either way, ice-creams are a winner. And how are the kids going? A table with crayons and paper will keep them entertained if the game can’t.


Offer tea and coffee for the ultimate host move. If you have a coffee machine, we’ve got bags of beans and ground coffee  and boxes of tea bags.

Extra points

A couple of rolls of paper towels will never go astray, make sure there’s enough seating/bean bags/couch space for everyone, and load up the laptop with a movie or two for the kids, just in case your team wins and the party continues.

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